A Small Gift to the People of Pakistan

Jinnah and Flag

Pakistan's founder, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, was born on December 25, 1876


3 Quarks Daily readers have raised $1,085 for Todd Shea's charitable organization SHINE PAKISTAN / CDRS.

Here is an alphabetical list of the contributors who gave me permission to publish their names:

  1. ScreenHunter_10 Dec. 23 13.01 Shehla Anjum
  2. Namit Arora
  3. Bennett Berke
  4. Aatish Bhatia
  5. Jim Culleny
  6. Carla Goller
  7. Elatia Harris
  8. Georg Hofer
  9. Ali Asim Khan
  10. Asim Munshi
  11. H. M. Naqvi
  12. Margit Oberrauch
  13. Edward Barnes Rackley
  14. Syed Abbas Raza
  15. Syed Javed Raza
  16. Pimpuk Sansuth

There were ten others who prefer to remain anonymous, but also donated very generously. Many thanks to all of you.

It particularly touches me that there were almost as many Indians as Pakistanis who gave money to a Pakistani charity, showing that, at least among 3QD readers, the spirit of Indo-Pak friendship is alive and well. This makes perfect sense to me as my own best friend (and 3QD colleague), Robin Varghese, is Indian. Perhaps we'll raise money for a charity in India next year in the same spirit!

Best wishes to you, Todd, and keep up the good work! I'll send the money later today.

And best wishes to everyone else too!