3QD Philosophy Prize Semifinalists


The voting round of our philosophy prize (details here) is over. A total of 565 votes were cast for the 64 nominees (click here for full list of nominees). Thanks to the nominators and the voters for participating.

Carla Goller, a South Tyrolean graphic artist, has designed a “trophy” logo that our top twenty vote-getters may choose to display on their own blogs. So here they are, in descending order from the most voted-for:

  1. PhilPrizeSemi Der Wille Zur Macht und Sprachspiele: Nietzsche's Causal Essentialism
  2. The Space of Reasons: A Counterexample to Setiya
  3. Perverse Egalitarianism: Early Heidegger: Fundamental Ontology
  4. Edge of the American West: All noble things are as difficult as they are rare
  5. Larval Subjects: Object-Oriented Ontology and Scientific Naturalism
  6. Specter of Reason: Wise on Intelligent Design in the Classroom
  7. Another Heidegger Blog: Interview with Jeffery Malpas
  8. The Immanent Frame: Immanent Spirituality
  9. Blog & ~Blog: Graham Priest's Theory of Change
  10. 3 Quarks Daily: The Temporal Prospects of Humanity
  11. Larval Subjects: Speculative Realism and the Unheimlich
  12. Cognition & Culture: Descarte's Skull
  13. 3 Quarks Daily: Penne For Your Thought
  14. Underverse: Refuting “It,” Thus
  15. The Garden of Forking Paths: Defining Determinism and Such
  16. Tomkow: Blackburn, Truth and other Hot Topics
  17. Brain Hammer: Bandwidth and Storage in the Human Biocomputer
  18. PEA Soup: Scanlon on Moral Responsibility and Blame
  19. Philosophy, et cetera: Reflecting on Relativism
  20. Strange Doctrines: Third-World Zombies and (Ana) Qualiac Reference

The daily editors of 3 Quarks Daily will now pick the top six entries from these, and after possibly adding up to three “wildcard” entries, will send that list of finalists to Professor Dan Dennett on September 11. We will also post the list of finalists here on that date.

Good luck!