The Nominees for the 2009 3QD Prize in Philosophy Are:

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  1. 3 Quarks Daily: Penne For Your Thought
  2. 3 Quarks Daily: The Temporal Prospects of Humanity
  3. Another Heidegger Blog: Interview with Jeffery Malpas
  4. Biophilia: Altruism Through Genocide
  5. Biophilia: Holy Gibberish!
  6. Blog & ~Blog: Graham Priest’s Theory of Change
  7. Brain Hammer: Bandwidth and Storage in the Human Biocomputer
  8. Cognition and Culture: Descarte’s Skull
  9. Der Wille Zur Macht und Sprachspiele: Nietzsche’s Causal Essentialism
  10. Duck Rabbit: Can words be used incorrectly?
  11. Engage: Conversations in Philosophy: Empathy, Equity, and the Wise Latina Judge: Sotomayor and the Supreme Court Oath of Office
  12. Evolving Thoughts: Aristotle on the Mayfly
  13. Evolving Thoughts: “Class” War
  14. Evolving Thoughts: Darwin, Atheism, and the Catholic Church
  15. Evolving Thoughts: Darwin, God and Chance
  16. Evolving Thoughts: Darwin thought evolution relied on accidents and chance
  17. Evolving Thoughts: Definitions of Atheism
  18. Evolving Thoughts: How to derive an ontology in biology
  19. Evolving Thoughts: Information and Metaphysics
  20. Evolving Thoughts: Laws, Theories and Models
  21. Evolving Thoughts: Phenomena
  22. Evolving Thoughts: Philosophy and Evolution
  23. Evolving Thoughts: The Doctrine of Double Truth
  24. Grundlegung: Philosophy as Bildung
  25. How Not to Win A War: Light ’em up, Baber!
  26. How Not to Win A War: On Ideology
  27. Hyper Tiling: Unheimlich Realism (and Zombies)
  28. In Living Color: Can you be blamed for forgetting?
  29. In Search of Enlightenment: The Availability Heuristic and the Inborn Aging Process
  30. Justin Erik Halldór Smith: The Fundamentals of Gelastics
  31. Larval Subjects: Object-Oriented Ontology and Scientific Naturalism
  32. Larval Subjects: Speculative Realism and the Unheimlich
  33. Let Us Philosophize: Against Much Erudition
  34. Matters of Substance: How Many Regions of Spacetime Actually Exist?
  35. Methods of Projection: Wittgenwanker
  36. Minerva’s Howl: On Retrospective Prophecy
  37. MSU Philosophy Club: Philosophy and Video Games: Idealism and Closure
  38. Object-Oriented Philosophy: English Stylists and Related Matters
  39. PEA Soup: Constraints: Agent-Focused or Victim-Focused
  40. PEA Soup: Scanlon on Moral Responsibility and Blame
  41. Perverse Egalitarianism: Early Heidegger: Fundamental Ontology
  42. Philosophy, et cetera: Reflecting on Relativism
  43. Philosophy Sucks!: The Contestability of (P & ~Q)
  44. Philosophy Sucks!: Reflections on Zoombies and Shombies Or: After the Showdown at the APA
  45. Possibly Philosophy: Uncertainty in the Many Worlds Theory
  46. Public Reason: On Public Reason and Justificatory Liberalism
  47. Specter of Reason: Discovery, Demonstration, and Naturalism
  48. Specter of Reason: The Language of Consciousness
  49. Specter of Reason: Wise on Intelligent Design in the Classroom
  50. Strange Doctrines: Third-World Zombies and (Ana) Qualiac Reference
  51. The Edge of the American West: Part 1, All noble things are as difficult as they are rare
  52. The Edge of the American West: Part 2, The Best of All Possible Worlds
  53. The Edge of the American West: Part 3, Why should we be loyal to reason if it pushes us into the abyss?
  54. The Garden of Forking Paths: Defining Determinism and Such
  55. The Garden of Forking Paths: To Hell With the TNR Principle
  56. The Immanent Frame: Immanent Spirituality
  57. The Prosblogion: An Opinionated Play-by-Play of the Plantinga-Dennett Exchange
  58. The Space of Reasons: A Counterexample to Setiya
  59. The Space of Reasons: Dilworth’s Functional Consonance
  60. Tomkow: Blackburn, Truth and other Hot Topics
  61. Tomkow: The Good, The Bad and Peter Singer
  62. Underverse: Refuting “It,” Thus
  63. Wide Scope: Emotions and Moral Skepticism
  64. Yeah, OK, But Still: An Ethics of Honor

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