season 3


Mr. Swansburg, Ms. Turner, What dreadful things does it say about me that my favorite character in Mad Men is Roger Sterling, the gluttonous, lecherous, over-entitled, walking-heart-attack philosopher-hedonist whose name, as he is wont to observe, is “on the building”? In a show packed with ids in skinny ties, Roger manages both to take the antics up a notch (I’m looking at you, Cartwright double-sided aluminum twins) and to rhapsodize about those antics—and articulate his angst—more poetically than any other character. I mean: “One minute you’re drinking at a bar and they come and tell you your kid’s been born. Next thing you know, they’re headed off to college.” To say nothing of: “He’s young, handsome, a Navy hero. Honestly, it shouldn’t be too difficult to convince America that Dick Nixon is a winner.”

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