Semifinalists for the 3QD Science Prize 2009


The voting round of our prize (details here) is over. A total of 2,655 votes were cast for the 171 nominees (click here for full list of nominees). Thanks to the nominators and the voters for participating.

Carla Goller, a South Tyrolean graphic artist, has designed a “trophy” logo that our top twenty vote-getters may choose to display on their own blogs. So here they are, in descending order from the most voted-for:

  1. TOP-Quark1-160-gelb The Science Babe: The Physics of High Heels
  2. My Genes and Me: Journey to My Genes
  3. Southern Fried Science: The ecological disaster that is dolphin safe tuna
  4. In The Pipeline: Your Paper Is A Sack Of Raving Nonsense. Thank You.
  5. 3 Quarks Daily: Giambattista Della Porta of Naples: How to Turn a Woman Green
  6. Daylight Atheism: The Age of Wonder
  7. Dot Physics: Physics of Fantastic Contraption I
  8. Mauka to Makai: The Ocean's Big pHat Problem
  9. Cocktail Party Physics: The Universe Makes A Lotta Gas
  10. Unitary Flow: Smooth Quantum Mechanics
  11. The Primate Diaries: Male Chauvinist Chimps or the Meat Market of Public Opinion?
  12. Mauka to Makai: Baby-Making
  13. Tom Paine’s Ghost: Dr. Temple Grandin
  14. In The Pipeline: Things I Won’t Work With: Triazadienyl Fluoride
  15. The Intersection: Singled Out
  16. Expression Patterns: A Squishy Topic
  17. Observations of a Nerd: The End of the Age of Man?
  18. Tetrapod Zoology: Passerine birds fight dirty, a la Velociraptor
  19. Daylight Atheism: Bands of Iron
  20. Observations of a Nerd: A Marine Biologist’s Story

We'll announce the seven finalists on June 11.

Good luck!