Live Tweeting Khamenei’s Speech

Here's some of what's coming through on Twitter (take with grain of salt):

Khamenei praising #iranelectiondebates… After praising hard working “president” Ahmadi, he asseerts that people voted their conscience…

It's not going well guys…Khamenei is saying that the people have voted…he is not talking about any recount or relection

Khamenei criticizes the West for bringing doubt to #IranElection, crowd chants “Death to America” … yep he doesn't want peace

Ayatollah says: Zionist & British radio are trying to change meaning, remove trust in the system. Vote of people was clear. #IranElection

#IranElectionI guess there won't be a happy ending to this, I was really hoping there would be a peaceful resolution.

Please keep the protests going you all. Keep the green wave going. The world is with you #iranelection

Khamenei is objecting to calling Ahmadinejad a liar (which Mousavi did), calling it unethical and illegal. #IranElection

Khamenei clearing Rafsanjani of any financial corruption. #IranElection

He is surprisingly praising Hashemi #iranelection

Khamenei: “Ahmadinejad's views are closer to my view than Rafsanjani's to mine!!!” Takbir! #IranElection

Ahmadinejad is sitting like a kid listening to Khamenei admonishing him for criticizing Rafsanjani & Nateq. #iranelection

#iranelection#Khamenei“Iranian People have chosen their president”

Khamanei says not poss there was cheating in the election, the margin was too great. Some mistakes,not cheating. #IranElection

Khamenei misses the opportunity to sell out Ahmadinejad to save the islamic regime #IranElection

Khamenei: Those politicians who make the situation chaotic, would be responsible for the bloods. #IranElection

Crowd chants include the “Marg ba Israeel” – death to Israel – a standard rhetorical element for this camp #Iranelection

Khamenei:'Law does not allow vote rigging' – nobody does, but it doesn't mean vote rigging doesn't happen! #IranElection

@Khameinei “extreme move will lead to another extreme move” blaming political elite for bloodshed…

Khamenei: Western diplomats are 'hungry wolves' ambushing, showing their true face. #IranElection

Khamenei: Political activists must be careful of their behavoir #IranElection

Now he is saying that political leaders will be accountable for violence! Menaing mousavi! #IranElection

Khamenei is talking against reformists, saying that they shouldn't have started by bringing their supporters to the streets.

After every few sentences, people have to shout “Death to England!” nobody mentions US 😉 #IranElection

Iran's supreme leader rejects vote fraud claims, describing Pres Ahmadinejad's election win as “definitive.”

Khamenei: “They terrorize the Basij and Police!” Reversing roles! #IranElection

Khamenei: Rallies are a good cover up for terrorists #IranElection

More here. I'll post a translation of the speech and analysis as it becomes available.