Round the back of Waterloo station in London is a graffitied and bolted blue wooden door you wouldn’t look twice at, behind which are derelict railway tunnels and rooms most recently used as storage space. But visitors entering the door this week will discover an other-wordly art and performance space that is part disconcerting, part frightening and part thrilling. The art project, opening today, is ­entitled Tunnel 228 and is a collaboration between the Old Vic and one of the UK’s most innovative performance companies, Punchdrunk. About 20 artists have work displayed, and it is essentially a Metropolis-inspired weird dream with a mixture of art and live performance by actors. One of the most astonishing things about it is how those involved have ­managed to keep it secret with word of mouth only getting going in the last few days. It is free to get in but only via the website, and organisers fear it will be fully booked up by the end of today.

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