roomba faq


How do I introduce my Roomba to my parents?

Make sure your parents are sitting down. Tell them you know this sounds unusual, but Roomba, despite what they think, is a really special robot and gets along great with the kids. If your father starts saying, “No daughter of mine is going to …,” tell him he's being a narrow-minded technophobe.

What happens when I leave my Roomba home alone?

Roomba may or may not go through your things, sample your perfume, and call your ex-husband, pretending to be you.

What do I do if I get a higher than usual monthly cable bill with several adult pay-per-view titles charged to my account?

Calmly ask Roomba if you can have a word with it. Tell it you understand it's curious—it's only natural—but that the pay-per-views have to stop.

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