Alpine Christmas

My wife Margit and I spent the day trekking up to the Rodenecker Alm near Lüsen in snowshoes with our friends Ram Manikkalingam and Ramani Muttettuwegama who are visiting from Amsterdam. We were heading for a hut which is supposed to serve food and drink, but never found it. Luckily, Ram produced various refreshments from his backpack, which we badly needed after a few hours of climbing. It was quite a hike, and my legs are killing me, but in the interest of making 3QD readers jealous, I am posting some photographs here. 🙂

All pictures were taken by me, except the one of me with Margit in the backround, which was taken by Ramani.

These are from along the way:

Lüsen Snowsoeing 016

Lüsen Snowshoeing 017

Lüsen Snowshoeing 015

Lüsen Snowshoeing 025

Lüsen Snowshoeing 029

Lüsen Snowshoeingi 032

Lüsen Snowshoeing 023

Lüsen Snowshoeing 028

Lüsen Snowshoeing 018

Lüsen Snowshoeing 034

Lüsen Snowshoeing 040

Lüsen Snowshoeing 038

Lüsen Snowshoeing 042

Lüsen Snowshoeing 009

Go ahead, make fun of the way I dress. See if I care. 🙂 Stuffed into my coat pocket are the very nice goat-leather gloves I got from Margit as a Christmas present.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!