The Stupidest Exercise Machine You’ll Ever See

From Burbia:

Sometimes you come upon something so ridiculous, so on-its-face laughably stupid, you just want to stop everything and enjoy. That’s what we did when we first saw this investors-demo video of SpeedFit, a new concept in exercise technology:The Mobile Treadmill…a treadmill designed specially to move/walk down the street while you’re treading.

Because, let’s see, walking down the street without a treadmill is too tough?

The proud creators of SpeedFit are now looking for investors. Seriously — and this vid is their pitch. Sure, if you want to walk or run down the street for exercise, you can…walk or run down the street. But, with SpeedFit, now you can do the exact same thing only on a contraption that costs a ton of money, is a pain in the ass (it’s one heavy mo-fo), is a potential traffic hazard and can only barely turn corners. Kind of like marketing a spanking new heart-lung ventilator-machine to 100% healthy people who are perfectly capable of breathing on their own. Sign us up!