Ghanaian Reggae artist supporting Barack Obama


We normally do 10-ish posts a day, but I think we’ll make an exception this week. After all, it is an exceptional week. I just spoke with my nephew, Asad, and he completely convinced me that all sophisticated political points of view of the oh-both-parties-are-not-so-different-after-all! type (think very sober people like Noam Chomsky, or even our own Justin Smith) are well and good, but it’s time to start celebrating the possibility of something that might, however little, actually change the face of America, and indeed, the state of the world! Give in to the excitement dammit, Asad says, and I agree.

I hope, Asad, that you will not mind if I reveal what you said to me privately earlier today: that for the first time in your life, you wept out of happiness while conducting a get-the-vote-out effort in a poor neighborhood in Philadelphia yesterday.

Here is something Asad sent me as an indicator of the excitement about Obama overseas: