Charting the Polls

Via Andrew Gelman, Max Blumenthal on’s interactive poll tracking tools:

A little over two years ago, we launched with a mission of providing a complete compilation of poll results, expert analysis and graphical tools to help readers make sense of polling data. Today, after two long years of development, our commitment to interactive graphical tools takes a quantum leap…

At a moment when the political world is swimming in a flood of polling data, we are pleased to announce a new, fully interactive Flash chart application that will plot all of the poll charts here on The new charts allow you to:

  • Select or limit the polls used to draw trend lines and calculate polling estimates with the “filter” tool. If you don’t like a particular pollster, just un-click and take them out (yes…really).
  • Toggle between the display of the default trend line and alternatives that are more or less sensitive using the “smoothing” tool — these are essentially the same as the “steady blue” and “ready red” trend lines often used by Charles Franklin.

Also:’s Interactive Poll Charts from Mark Blumenthal on Vimeo.