Freddy: Die nette Katze

A couple of weeks ago I borrowed a camcorder from a friend to videotape an interview with a scientist visiting my small alpine town of Brixen (Dr. Sudhir Paul–see last post) for 3QD. For various reasons, we never got the chance to do the interview, but the next day, after he had left, my sister-in-law came to visit and asked why I had a camera sitting on a tripod in my living room. I told her, and she suggested that we make a short movie just for fun before giving the camera back (it was a Saturday afternoon and we were all bored!). I wrote a 3-minute screenplay quickly that all four of us present could act in, and we filmed it in the next hour. Later that evening I edited it into a “film” using the Windows Movie Maker software that came pre-installed on my laptop. Okay, so I’m no Wes Craven (though we are both Johns Hopkins alumni) but, in any case, I present it here for your amusement:   🙂