Is Grand Theft Auto IV Inspired by Al-Qaida?

01020116383500 Yassin Musharbash in Der Speigel:

Islamist forums are abuzz with a new theory: The designers of the video game Grand Theft Auto IV, they say, were inspired by killing methods developed by al-Qaida. But did the idea for the car bombs and suicide attacks in the game really come from Osama bin Laden?

For user “Abd al-Wahhab,” it is obvious. It isn’t just military men all over the world who are studying the murderous methods employed by the terror group al-Qaida. Rather, designers, developers and graphic artists in the video game world, he argues, have realized that “al-Qaida is a killing school.”

His theory: The wildly successful video game Grand Theft Auto IV (more…) was inspired by the tactics used by Osama bin Laden’s terror group. It is an idea “Abd al-Wahhab” first posted on a large discussion forum used by cyber-jihadists and al-Qaida sympathizers not long ago. He is convinced of his theory, arguing that the video game “shows the power and effectiveness of these tactics.”