Apology and Request

Dear Readers,

011_copyI am sorry for the disappointment to many of you about the Dawkins lecture. We were under the impression that the NY Academy of Sciences is providing a lot more space than it turns out they are. Had I found out early enough about this, I would have informed you, but I spent almost 24 hours in transit from Italy to NYC (Brixen to Verona to Milan to Frankfurt to NY!) and arrived dead-tired late last night.

I will be interviewing Richard Dawkins for 3QD, and will post a video of that interview soon. Also, I will see if it is possible to get a video of the lecture itself and, if so, will post that as well. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions for questions to ask Prof. Dawkins, please leave them in the comments section of this post.

Again, I am sorry about all the confusion, and that not everyone who wants to will be able to attend.