Flux Factory in Flux

In the early 90s our own Morgan Meis founded the brilliantly innovative arts collective, Flux Factory. He remains its uninterrupted president. (When I told Morgan recently that I wish I were president of something, he advised me to declare myself president of 3 Quarks. 🙂 Anyhow, here is a nice article about Flux:

Ben Davis in Artnet:

Morgan_stefWhen people ask me what my favorite gallery is, I always answer Flux Factory. This has been the case at least since I first reviewed a show at the energetic Long Island City nonprofit-cum-artist collective, a solo exhibition by the very-cool sculptor Paul Burn, back when I wrote the culture page for the Queens Courier.

Sadly, I might have to make a new choice. Flux Factory has just opened what looks to be its final show in its current space, aptly titled “Everything Must Go.” The MTA has announced the eminent domain takeover of the block to make way for a rail link to Grand Central Terminal.

“Shitty,” is the answer Flux Factory’s Stefany Anne Golberg gives when asked how the group feels about this state of affairs. “The MTA has made this about as difficult as they could.” Information has been impossible to get, she says. “We’ve known about the possibility for two years, and then it’s just like, you’ve got 90 days to clear out.”

Golberg, one of the Flux Factory’s core members along with Jean Barbaris, Morgan Meis and Chen Tamir, says the organization is looking for a new building. It is likely, however, that after “Everything Must Go” closes, the 18-odd artists who currently live and collaborate in the space will disperse.

More here.  [Photo, taken by me at a Flux party, shows Morgan with his wife Stefany.]

Also check out this video from the New York Post about Flux:

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