the angel of the north


I’m staring hard at the back of Antony Gormley’s balls and wondering why he doesn’t have more of a cleft in his buttocks while he expatiates on his new technique for ‘drawing’ bodies. Instead of making a mould of his body and casting it in solid iron, as he did for, say, Event Horizon (the figures on rooftops round London last summer), he is now covering the mould with a sort of metal mesh which retains the body shape when the mould is extracted, but in a lighter, airier, see-through form.

We are looking at a mould of his body from the back, which gives me ample time to study his buttocks while he holds forth about duodecahedrons and the ‘bubble matrix’ on which his metal mesh is based. There is no hope at all of my understanding the scientific theory he is talking about, but on the other hand, there is no hope at all of my stopping him, so buttocks it is.

We are all pretty familiar with Antony Gormley’s body by now, what with his fondness for scattering it round the country, and a very fine body it is too – well over six foot tall, thin, athletic, well-proportioned, altogether in good nick for someone of 57.

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