Biographies of Women Mathematicians

From American Scientist:

Screenhunter_11Prepared by math professor Larry Riddle of Atlanta’s Agnes Scott College, this well-organized site presents the biographies of 184 notable women in mathematics, from Theano, who carried on the Calabrian school of her husband Pythagoras after his death, to Ukrainian mathematician Svetlana Jitomirskaya, whose work on non-perturbative quasiperiodic localization received the American Mathematical Society’s Satter Prize in 2005.

The biographies are well composed and referenced, and Riddle has provided both alphabetical and chronological indexes, the latter of which provides a useful timeline of women’s recognized contributions to mathematics since the sixth century B.C.

There’s also a well-maintained list of links to external resources that support and recognize women’s contributions in mathematics, science and engineering—a valuable starting point for those who want to explore further.

Professor Riddle’s site is here.  [Photo shows Svetlana Jitomirskaya.]