r. kelly: “Barbarella” meets “Land of the Lost.”


If R. Kelly was at all worried about his recent legal woes, he sure didn’t show it during his performance at a crowded United Center on Friday.

The Chicago-born R&B singer/writer/producer, who is finally set to stand trial in 2008 in connection with a 2002 indictment on 14 counts of child pornography, missed a courtroom appearance the week leading up to the concert and nearly had his bond revoked.

Still, the steady stream of controversy has done little to slow Kelly’s momentum. His latest album, “Double Up,” debuted atop the Billboard charts and has already gone platinum. But that’s not to say that the singer can’t feel the wolves circling. On a stage decked out like a boxing ring, Kelly made his way through the crowd like a prizefighter before lashing out at his detractors on “The Champ.” “Spread rumors/Point fingers/Throw stones,” he sang. “Hate me/Love me/Hug me/Curse me.”

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