Kaleidoscopic Paper Eruptions

Via Andrew Sullivan, the paper cut sculptures of Jen Stark, in PingMag (Japan):Jen12

Look at these intriguing, repetitive shapes like eruptions by Miami-based Jen Stark: Her three-dimensional, kaleidoscopic paper art is simply hand-made with dozens of layers of thick coloured paper. With her abstract geometrical patterns just shown in the new Tactile book, PingMag feeds you an interview with the artist about the quality of cardboard.

When did you start with your… can I call it kaleidoscope paper art?

I began making paper sculptures when I went to study in France for a semester. Since I could only take two suitcases with me for five months, I decided to purchase art supplies when I got there. The Euro was high and everything was pretty expensive, so I decided to get the cheapest but coolest looking thing in the art store – a stack of construction paper! I started experimenting with what paper could turn into and it took off from there.