ted’s letters


[Ted Hughes had started an affair with Assia Wevill around the time of his separation from Sylvia Plath in late summer, 1962. David Wevill, a Canadian poet, was her husband] Assia, I tried to ring you this morning. I wanted to see you. Nothing we said the other day was right.

If you & David are going to part, it must be easier for both of you now, than after a month more of general misery.

As things are, it is bad for all of us. If you come to me, David suffers.

If you go to him, you suffer, and does he stop suffering? I don’t see how it can make him happy again, just to hand yourself over to him as a prisoner or a body, unless he’s not at all concerned how you are feeling, and quite happy to have you even against your will.

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