notes passed between nations during the SECRETARY-GENERAL’S address to the UN


Note From the Senegalese Mission to the U.N. The Republic of Senegal reciprocates the Republic of Ireland’s greetings, as we always cherish the opportunity to better our ties with friendly nations, especially in this hour of crisis. What, Senegal wonders, did the Irish witness? Could it have to do with the rumors swirling about France and America?

Although we don’t want to be indiscreet about our longtime friends, Ireland must divulge to another sovereign nation what it has witnessed. We will not do so, however, without an explicit guarantee that this will remain a state secret.

Sadly, the community of nations knows what a poor record of secrets-rights abuses our republic has exhibited in the past, so we are hesitant to make such a commitment. However, our mission stands by its long-held position that a nation cannot, without seriously upsetting diplomatic relations, begin to say something so juicy and not actually finish the story.

Nevertheless, the Irish must have that commitment.

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