The Top 10 Myths about Evolution

Bob Lane in Metapsychology:

Since the Dover trial [Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District] in 2005 there has been an enormous interest in the conflict between the religious right and the science of biology. The entire transcript of that landmark trial is available from the ACLU website.  That trial was to have been the endgame for the Intelligent Design effort to get creationism into the biology classrooms of the USA by re-describing creationism and dressing it up as science. The effort failed very publicly in that trial and the transcript is well worth reading to get a real sense of the conflict and of the fact that no matter how the ID folks dress their  product it is definitely not science. About that the Judge was clear.

The best way to give readers a sense of the book under review is to list the ten chapters which are bracketed by an introduction and an afterword:

  1. Survival of the Fittest
  2. It’s Just a Theory
  3. Screenhunter_26_sep_25_1602The Ladder of Progress
  4. The Missing Link
  5. Evolution is Random
  6. People Come From Monkeys
  7. Nature’s Perfect Balance
  8. Creationism Disproves Evolution
  9. Intelligent Design is Science
  10. Evolution is Immoral

Each chapter provides, in a clear and intelligent manner, the arguments for and against the idea or claim of the chapter title.

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