If I Stole It

An exclusive excerpt from O.J.’s next book.

Timothy Noah in Slate:

Screenhunter_13_sep_19_1636Here’s how we did it:

“Don’t let nobody out this room,” I shouted as my buddies pulled out their heaters. “Motherf__kers! Think you can steal my s__t and sell it?”

Beardsley (or was it Fromong?) said, “No” and looked scared.

“Don’t let nobody out of here,” I said. “Motherf__ker, you think you can steal my s__t?”

Then somebody said, “F__k you. Mind your own business.”

Then one of my homeys said, “Look at this s__t.” Then one of them told Fromong (or was it Beardsley?) “Get over there.”

“You think you can steal my s__t?” I repeated, because I really felt this was the central point these two collectors needed to grasp.

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