Karaoke 24/7: The intoxicating appeal of singing online

Michelle Tsai in Slate:

070709_tech_karaoketnI’ve always felt uncomfortable living my life online. I have a MySpace profile, but it’s empty. I don’t blog. And I won’t post pictures on Flickr if they feature me or anyone I know. But recently, I learned that I’m not completely opposed to Internet exhibitionism. When it comes to online karaoke, I’m a microphone-hogging fame whore.

SingShot is, basically, a social network for people who think they can carry a tune. When I logged on for the first time, I found a karaoke sanctum where fanatics gushed over one another’s songs, made friends (Hi, Vanee!), and thanked their fans with bizarre, New Age-y monologues. The site also tracks each song’s vitals—how many times it’s recorded, which members sang their own versions, and how those renditions were rated.

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