City’s new room with a view… but is it art?

Nick Coligan in the Liverpool Echo:


Commuters will soon be treated to the sensational sight of a city centre eyesore literally turning itself inside out.

The former Yates’s Wine Lodge building, opposite Moorfields station, is now the subject of one of the more eye-catching pieces of art planned for Capital of Culture.

05d057a4b5d7a30bbd7afa9ba90356bdSculptor Richard Wilson has cut out an egg-shaped section of the derelict building’s front and fixed it to a giant pivot.

Once it is officially up and running later this month, the facade will rotate like a huge opening and closing window, giving passers-by a glimpse of the interior.

The artwork, called Turning The Place Over, will be launched on June 20 and will run until the end of 2008. It is costing £450,000 – with Culture Company paying £150,000.

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UPDATE: also see this video pointed out by 3QD reader Carl: