Sarkozy Shows His Colors–Green

Via Seed:

In his first foreign-policy declaration, president-elect Nicolas Sarkozy has named climate change France’s “first battle,” but analysts warn that the combat is long-term and complex.

Sarkozy nailed his green colours to the mast on Sunday in a victory speech after emphatically winning France’s top job against Socialist rival Segolene Royal.

In a bold move for a newcomer to the world’s top political table, Sarkozy notably accused the United States of hampering efforts to tackle climate change.

While telling “our American friends” that France would stand by its side whenever it was needed, Sarkozy also said: “Friendship is accepting that one’s friends can think differently.

“A great nation like the United States has the duty to not create obstacles in the struggle against global warming. Quite the contrary, it should take the lead in this battle.

“What is at stake is the fate of all humanity,” warned Sarkozy. “France will make this battle its first battle.”