The making of Loki, the lawless immigrant

Claus Jacobsen in Newsvine:

LokiHow does someone become a lawless man in the society where he lives, dedicated to destruction?

The best example I have found so far is from the Poetic Edda, a popular source of “cultural inspiration” among the New Right fanatics of Northern Europe. The story of Loki is the story of a high ranking immigrant of Giant origin who has mixed blood with the prime minister of the Nordic gods himself, Odin. Loki has reached the pinnacle of social status for a foreigner in Scandinavia, and he serves as an envoy, a diplomat and a mediator between Ases and Giants. The Ases are, of course, fair haired and beautiful, while the Giants are rough, gloomy and primitive Barbarians. The supernatural weapons of the Scandinavian gods are advanced technology that secures a noble world order, while the magic of the Giants are threatening and subversive demonic powers.

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