Mingering Mike

My close friend Shabbir Kazmi recently sent me the following email after returning from a trip to Washington, DC:

Screenhunter_04_mar_02_1851Abbas, on my way back to NYC, I sat on the train across these two characters talking about their book “Mingering Mike”. I asked what it is about and they showed me a book about album covers of imaginary LP records that never existed…. story is that one of the guys sitting across me, Dori Hadar who is an author of this book, recovered a box from an auction storage sale in Washington DC that had about 39 album covers that were hand-made in the 1960’s; they are self created albums of imaginary LP records. He bought these album covers from the auction, then he got in touch with “Mingering Mike” who was surprised that anyone cared to know about them. Dori Hadar then went on to creating a website for Mingering Mike, which immediately caught the attention of many and gained a web cult-following; a book deal then followed. He showed me the book and it is fantastic. Anyway, I told him about 3QD and thought you might be interested to know more about it.

From the Mingering Mike website: