How to be a successful Valentine

Raj Persaud in The Telegraph:

Screenhunter_02_feb_15_1337The findings of one of the largest experiments in the science of attractiveness shown here challenge current thinking about the differences between men and women.

Around four thousand people took part in the web experiment, launched two weeks ago on this page, to provide new insights in time for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

Some revelations are obvious – in the case of men, being rich, powerful, smart and funny helps, and the more attractive the woman you are pursuing, the more these factors matter to her. Some are less obvious: women rate being good in bed as more desirable in a possible partner than men do.

The woman’s face deemed the most beautiful – by just over half of the men rating the five photographs – was that of the youngest, B, aged 19. Women, however, plumped for the second oldest man, A, aged 29, as the most attractive.

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