Hinduism and Virgin Comics

Virgin Comics, started by Richard Branson’s Virgin, has been putting out a number of comics that are based on Hindu themes and that modernize Hindu epics. You can find a free pdf issue here. Devi (pictured) is on its 6th issue.


Walk In, which just debuted in December, may be the ultimate pastiche.

Have you heard about outsourcing? This is a story about outsourcing. See, there’s a planet out there called Terra and they outsource their prisoners to us here on Earth. We’re their penal colony. But the prisoners don’t know it. Nor do they know their crimes.

Ian Dormhouse is one of those prisoners. He doesn’t know it. Until he meets a stripper in a past-its-prime burlesque club in Moscow. Oh–and there’s the octopus on her shoulder. And there’s the gangster who’s dream Ian saw that he wasn’t supposed to. (Because now he’s posing as a dreamreader in the club to get close to the girl.) And there’s the German rock band that plays mind-altering music–literally.

Hopefully, it won’t all devolve into a Hindu variant of Left Behind. [H/t Linta Varghese]