Why Men and Women Don’t Want Sex

Dr. Helen scans through the comments on a WebMD post on the different reasons why men and women don’t want sex and concludes:

Update: A Men’s News Daily commenter to this post writes the following:

“Never forget: the single most revolting image, the nightmare that haunts women, is that of the happy, grinning, sexually satisfied male. They really hate that and the sooner we adjust our social expectation to that fact, the better.” Truer words were never spoken–I think that some women really do feel this way.

Jill at Feministe responds:

Yes, women do secretly hate the idea of our partners being happy. You’ve got us all figured out.

The double-standard here is amazing. From the letters Dr. Helen quotes, it’s pretty clear that many women are refusing sex because they aren’t enjoying it, or because there are other issues within the relationship that are leaking over into their sex lives. But clearly, they’re just being selfish by not allowing their husbands unrestrained sexual access, even if the sex sucks, or is painful, or is unwanted. As usual, the mens are not doing anything that needs re-evaluating.