No Reservations, Asad Raza-Style

Recently, my wife and I have been avid watchers of chef Anthony Bourdain‘s program No Reservations on the Travel Channel (get cable, will you? And then get TIVO, too–trust me), and as I see Tony visit exotic locales and sample their various culinary offerings, I always wonder why he never replied to the late-nite letter that I once wrote him inviting him to dinner at my house, even promising to get my nephew Asad Raza to cook the incomparably zesty-yet-subtle, and completely sui generis, Pakistani dish, Nihari, for him. Now, let me tell you, Asad cooks a mean Nihari, but even the NM (Nihari Master) must go to the source for inspiration and instruction once in a while, and Asad not only went to Burns Road in Karachi (read about some of his other activities while he was there, here), he recorded his visit on video for the rest of us. So, Tony, either go to Pakistan, or come over to my place for some of Asad’s Nihari, and meanwhile, watch this video which made my mouth water (and my heart ache):