Christopher Hitchens in a World of Christopher Hitchenses


Christopher Hitchens #1: I’d like to start off this week’s episode of “The Hitchens Group” with a quote by Hitchens #7524 in reference to Iraq; “There will be no war—there will be a fairly brief and ruthless military intervention.” My question is: How much would you have to eat to vomit enough at this sort of delusional claptrap?

Christopher Hitchens #2: Well, Kahleed Alzawi wrote in his newest book that there are three different distinctions in the history of leftist dictatorial pandering—

Christopher Hitchens #3: Oh please, listen to you insufferable, solipsistic, demonstrative cretins blather on with historical invective like you were Will Durant opening an art gallery.

Christopher Hitchens #4: You’d think they could depend on the stench of bourbon alone to dialectically overpower their foes.

Christopher Hitchens #1: Is that right? Well, you may dally about with a trenchant witticism now and again, but otherwise you seem to be randomly perusing the thesaurus for obscure prolixity.

Christophjer Hitchens #4: And you seem to be perusing the destitute for fashion tips.

Christopher Hitchens #3: Really, must you both subject us to these tirades of opprobrium?

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