Ian McMeans Gets the Cocktail Party Conversation Permit

FlowersIt was a close contest with much back and forth between me and a few dogged problem solvers in the CPCP challenge, but we now have a clear winner: Ian McMeans was the first to give all the right answers. Ian, I hope that you will agree to write something for us this coming Monday. I shall look forward to it.

Craig L. also got all the answers right, but was just a tiny bit too late.

Two people each got 13 of the 14 problems right: my old friend from the philosophy department at Columbia, David Maier, and George Dickeson.

Subodh C. Agrawal of Chandigarh, India, takes honorable mention with 12/14 correct.

I will post the answers next week, giving the rest of you a chance to work out the problems that you couldn’t get immediately, and I will also post a particularly tough problem at that time. Thanks to the many other people who sent me lists of painstakingly expressed answers to the problem set.

Thanks for participating!

UPDATE: You can see Ian McMeans’ Monday column for 3QD here.