George Plimpton: An American Man of Letters

From the Plimpton Project (via Yahoo! Picks):

Screenhunter_1_25George Plimpton didn’t just write, he threw himself into the ring with his subjects, bringing a dash of bravado to the occupation of journalist. Now, a group of Plimptophiles has crafted an online homage to the man who “attacked life” with such “gusto and grace.” The photos section cuts quickly to the way George went about things: Here he is listening to Muhammad Ali, slouching backstage at Caesar’s, or joking with Jonathan Winters. There he is, caught in full regalia, playing with the Bruins, the Boston Celtics, and the Detroit Lions. No fan ever had it so good. The “Arcana” section features a marvelous collection of his quotes. And we’re glad to know that an effort to erect a larger-than-life-size monument to the author-adventurer is under way. As for whether he should be depicted alongside a bicycle, dangling his boxing mitts, or astride a noble steed, we vote for all three. With gusto and grace.

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