Avoiding offending U.S. readers

James Adams in the Globe and Mail:

050418_hustonA French-language novel by Calgary-born Nancy Huston that was awarded France’s prestigious Prix Femina this week was expected to be published in English first — but the novelist’s Canadian publisher and New York agent held off doing that this year because they wanted Huston to change portions of her text to avoid offending U.S. readers.

Talks are reportedly under way to have McArthur & Co. issue Lignes de faille in English next spring.

But Huston, who has called Paris home for more than 30 years, was close-mouthed about the matter when contacted this week by e-mail. “I’d rather not make any public comments on these sensitive issues just now, until some sort of decision has been reached,” she said.

At issue, it seems, is the extent of the changes her North American representatives want.

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