The Skinny on Skinny

From Critical Lucidity:

On the way to the shows in London just hours after stepping off the New York Fashion Week catwalks, I had mixed feelings about Madrid’s move to ban ultra skinny models with a BMI of 18 or less. This could, potentially I thought, be good news for the likes of those “healthier” models like me. With a medically defined ‘normal’ BMI and a hip measurement that screams liability to designers, I’ve always found Fashion Week to be a tortuous experience – everything from public attempts to squeeze into a size 4 to sitting backstage with teenage waifs. But early on it became clear that London would not take Madrid’s lead. What follows is a field report of London Fashion Week with some thoughts on why skinny is still in, and why I’m okay with that.

More here.  [Thanks to Asad Raza.]