The Fader Takes a Look at Escort

Slide1_27The October/November issue of The Fader (available free as a podcast) is out and has a great piece on The Wire, perhaps the best television show ever. It also has a review of the band Escort, founded by our friends Dan Balis, Eugene Cho, and Darius Maghen.

Between the three of them, only two of the present members of Escort are wearing cabana hats, but all are drinking beer from the bottle, beach-style relaxed. We’re on a lounge deck talking about dance music–or more specifically, what brings people together to form a nine-piece orchestral disco band like theirs. It’s the end of summer ’06, and Escort has just released its first 12-inch single “Starlight,” an elaborately faithful disco track where keyboardist Eugene Cho wiggles an analog theme as Zena Kitt (a vague Eartha relative, she tells me) belts out, Staaaaaarlight! I can’t stop thinking of you! There’s a little conga rumble underneath, some high pitched strings, and suddenly it’s 1979–smooth and lovely.

You can hear Love in Indigo, a great song that was largely composed by Eugene Cho, here. And you can read the review of Love in Indigo and Karawane in Pitchfork Media.