The Debate on the Israel Lobby

Over at ScribeMedia, a video of the debate at Cooper Union on Measheimer and Walt’s article “The Israel Lobby: Does it Have too Much Influence on US Foreign Policy”, and on the Israel Lobby. moderated by Anne-Marie Slaughter, Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University. The panelists:

John Mearsheimer is the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science and the co-director of the Program on International Security Policy at the University of Chicago.

Shlomo Ben-Ami is a former Israeli foreign and security minister and the author of Scars of War, Wounds of Peace: The Israeli-Arab Tragedy.

Martin Indyk is Director of the Saban Center for Middle East Policy and Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution.

Tony Judt is Erich Maria Remarque Professor in European Studies and Director of the Remarque Institute at New York University.

Rashid Khalidi is Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies and Director of the Middle East Institute at Columbia University.

Dennis Ross is Counsellor and Ziegler Distinguished Fellow of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and the author of The Missing Peace: The Inside Story of the Fight for Middle East Peace.