Mukhtar Mai’s Blog

Mukhtar Mai writes a blog for women’s justice in Pakistan (in Urdu). From the BBC, some excerpts in English:

1 July 2006

I came back to my village, Mirwala, (after a trip to Poland) and was devastated to hear what had happened in a nearby village, Wadowala.

A nine-year-old girl, Naseem Bibi, had been abused. Not just that, but another girl had been promised to be handed over to settle the dispute arising over the incident.

I was devastated to hear this.

Here I was talking about women’s rights abroad but what about my own neighbourhood?

I was really disappointed and worried. How long will this continue?

But then I thought, oppression of women has to end. Instead of losing heart, I need to keep fighting.

(Here, you can find the blog in Urdu.)