What the press missed in its rush to paint Einstein as a philanderer

Joshua Roebke, who, while scolding others for sensationalizing Einstein’s romantic life, was unable to restrain himself from giving his article the title “Einstein in Lust,” in Seed Magazine:

On July 10th, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem made nearly 3,500 sealed pages of Albert Einstein’s personal correspondence public. Some of the more salacious content in the letters—once deemed “too private for release”—has generated a maelstrom of coverage on blogs and newspapers worldwide.

“Phys-sex Genius” wrote the headline wizards at the New York Post. Fox News, another Murdochian outlet, posted a story by on-air personality Neil Cavuto to its website, titled, “Albert Einstein: Genius, Stud Muffin.” “E = Einstein, the galactic womanizer,” quipped The Sunday Times, UK. “Albert Einstein, sex-fiend” wrote the popular blog Boing Boing. Even a member of the extended Seed family, the ScienceBlog Pure Pedantry, included a post with the title, “Scientific Pimp.”

The press and public latched onto the letters’ scant mentions of Einstein’s infidelity like it was the last branch on a long fall.

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