Science Is Dead

From the blog “Jon Swift“:

Not only are scientists responsible for bad things like the Holocaust, they are always trying to scare us about bad things that don’t exist like global warming. Frankly, it’s a wonder scientists have any credibility at all considering how they are always trying to terrify us with alerts of threats that don’t pan out and lying about things that turn out not to exist. Only a scientific dead-ender could think that anything scientists say should be believed. I’m glad the Bush Administration has done something about it, fighting the War on Science with the same fervor it has brought to the War on Terror and the War in Iraq and all of the other wars it has declared.

Now that two of my least favorite subjects in school, science and history, are dead, I’m hoping that the Bush Administration will redouble its efforts to kill off two other subjects I didn’t much care for, Math and Geography. While important strides have been made, I still think more can be done to send Math and Geography to the dustbin of History, which, course, has itself been sent to the dustbin of . . . something else, I guess. I’m not ready to declare victory until our schools are teaching only two subjects: Religion and Gym.

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