Jed Perl in The New Republic:

Susan_sontag_1Susan Sontag’s prose was rarely as incisive, as searching, and as compelling as in On Photography, published in 1977. And with “On Photography: A Tribute to Susan Sontag,” the Metropolitan Museum of Art has given us a beautifully concise, strikingly elegant triple salute: to an enormously important book; to the writer who died in December, 2004; and to the period, a generation ago, when photography was only beginning to receive its fair share of attention and acclaim. This show in New York’s greatest museum of art would probably never have been organized if Sontag, seen in all her dark-haired glory in a 1975 photograph by Peter Hujar, did not have a nearly inexhaustible fascination for New Yorkers. But what Mia Fineman, the curator of the exhibition, has chosen to emphasize is not Sontag the celebrity but Sontag the author.

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