Tales from the crypt: James Wolcott on the New Yorker

From the New Criterion:

New_yorker_1penn2Other weeklies, such as The Nation and The New Republic, have digitized their archives, but those virtual libraries are maintained online, requiring subscription fees or single payments to access articles. (I’ve used both services to excavate art and movie reviews by Manny Farber, one of my critical idols, that otherwise would have remained orphaned within bound volumes.) The New Yorker was doing The Nation and The New Republic one better by bypassing the entire online rigamarole and giving readers the complete works in a handsome, handy, illustrated multi-disk set.

It was fitting for The New Yorker to lavish such love on itself, given its status as a cult object and coffee-table signifier of taste and breeding. The New Yorker is the only magazine in America, probably in the world, to inspire reverence and druidical devotion.

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