Jonathan Yardley in the Washington Post:

Geoff Nicholson is an Anglo-American novelist — he lives in London and Los Angeles — whose subjects often have been “obsession, sex, and the relationships between people and things,” so perhaps it stands to reason that he is the first writer to devote an entire book to the subject of people who collect “any type of object or artifact that is primarily sexual.” Or at least the first writer to do so in public, since heaven knows what lurid volumes may be hidden away in some secret library of erotica. In any case, collecting matters of a sexual nature certainly dovetails with his favorite themes, so you won’t be surprised to learn that he has risen to the task.

Sex Collectors is mainly a lark, irreverent and amusing, but it’s thoughtful, too, on matters such as sexual obsession, the urge to collect, art versus pornography. Nicholson understands that collecting often is far more than a hobby, and he cites “plenty of psychologists, not least Freud . . . who’ll tell you that collecting is an anal compulsion,” though with regard to the subject at hand “anal” may not be exactly the right word.

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