Building the (New) New York

Alexandra Lange in New York Magazine:

This is Tomorrowland—a new city, a city larger than San Francisco, built on top of the city we know. In ten years, New York City will be transformed in ways we can only guess at. But in the pages that follow, you will explore our best guess, based on the plans, the dreams, the cornerstones, and the rising steel in nine city neighborhoods, spread over all five boroughs. In 2016, we won’t be able to be so parochial anymore—one Times Square isn’t going to be enough to fulfill the entertainment needs of that bigger, younger, more diverse population, and you’ll be talking about the lights on 125th Street. Fresh Kills will be three times the size of Central Park. If you imagine the city as a play—every neighborhood has a role—a lot of understudies are finally going to be called onstage.


Across the five boroughs, New York’s skyline (and everything else) is being reimagined by some of the world’s best architects. Here are a few of the city’s future landmarks—scrunched together in a way that obviously won’t happen in the real world, but that may very well happen in the mind’s eye.

  1. Atlantic Yards, Brooklyn, phase one, 2010; phase two, 2016
  2. The New Museum, Chelsea, future
  3. 80 South Street, Downtown, future
  4. IAC Headquarters, High Line, 2007
  5. Silvercup West, Queens, 2009
  6. Freedom Tower, Downtown, 2011

More here.  [Thanks to Margit Oberrauch.]