Lee Siegel in The New Republic:

Malcolm_gladwell_with_afroEnough already. I mean, enough. Is there anything this guy writes about that doesn’t shill for business values? Is there any aspect of existence he hasn’t transformed into a strategy for coming out on top in a meeting? Is there any business strategy that he hasn’t converted into a universal way of living?

In The Tipping Point, Gladwell turned a banal business-concept–that moment when an idea, trend or style of conduct “tips” into a craze–virtually into an explanation of how history unfolds and society works. In Blink, he argued that the artist’s creative intuition is something everybody possesses, something that can be used for practical purposes in any situation. (The Power of Positive Blinking.) One of the book’s central dramas is the role intuition played, according to Gladwell, in the battle between (successful) Pepsi and (failed) New Coke. Businessmen, Gladwell wants to tell us, have the instinct of poets. That was a thrill.

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