GSOC’s Closer Look at NYU

The NYU grad student strike is over for the semester. Meanwhile, GSOC continues to make its case for unionization and also takes a closer look at NYU’s activities. For example:

At his inauguration as NYU’s President in 2002, John Sexton articulated a vision of what he calls, “the Common Enterprise University.” He refined that vision in an essay entitled, “The Common Enterprise University and the Teaching Mission,” in which he wrote:

Taken together, these factors-the reality of decreasing government support, the need for increasing investments in both traditional areas and new knowledge and teaching, and the limits on tuition-manifest the depth of the dilemma faced by universities committed to high standards and even higher aspirations. We will generate the resources to fulfill our mission only if we move to common enterprise, with its emphasis on faculty engagement in the setting of priorities as well as faculty ownership of the decisions made and in all parts of the university, led by the faculty, a willingness occasionally to sacrifice for the collective good.

The analysis offered here begs the question “who is being asked to sacrifice for NYU’s future?”… NYU data shows a marked increase in the number of full time, non-tenure track faculty along with an increase in the salary gap between men and women among tenured and tenure track faculty.