naomi wolf finds jesus


“Are we talking about God?” Crichton asked.

“Yeah, God,” Wolf said. She elaborated: “I actually had this vision of–of Jesus.” And that, needless to say, is when the interview really began.

Wolf’s story went like this: Several years ago, while in therapy for writer’s block, Wolf was asked to try a classic deep relaxation technique, where she imagined walking down a flight of stairs. When she reached the bottom and opened the door, there he was: Jesus, with a holy light radiating out of him, the light of absolute perfection and powerful love. In the vision, Wolf wasn’t her usual zaftig, constantly commented-upon physical self, but rather a 13-year-old boy. The vision taught Wolf several lessons: that God cares about each and every one of us; that we are born with knowledge of our own soul, which, like Plato once taught, we forget and have to re-remember in order to realize our life’s mission (in her case, to spread the gospel of feminism). That we can all, if we try, be like Jesus–radiant, loving, perfect. The revelation made tears run down her face, she confessed to Crichton.

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